Womack Temple Colored Methodist Episcopal Church was founded on January 23,1927 at 3:00 pm in a small store front on a street formerly known as Oak Street in lnkster, Ml, with a membership of 27 men and women. The current name of the street is Carlysle. The first religious ceremony was conducted by Rev. Arthur W. Womack, Pastor of St. John C.M.E. Church, located in Detroit, Michigan. Subsequently, the church was named after Rev. Womack, who conducted service on this momentous occasion. Bishop James Arthur Hamlett, Presiding Bishop, assisted
Rev. Womack. Many other minsters from lnkster and Detroit were also in attendance. Rev. N.C. Hall was the very first minster assigned to Womack Temple. Rev. Docty l. Isom Sr. was the third minster of Womack. Under his leadership, a temporary structure was built at 28445 Cherry St. lnkster, Ml. However, the structure would later be torn down.

During the leadership of Rev. Samuel A. Sea, who was the 8th pastor of Womack, The congregation began to builda permanent structure and the congregation grew more than double. Rev. Sea netted the $1,003.80 and five great men of faith paid $100.00 each with Rev. Sea paying $115.00 to make the dream come true. Then on September 9, 1945 at 3:00 pm, the dream became a reality., Then " Oh Happy Day!!" The Day of Dedication" was here! The congregation marched from old Smith Chapel Church to the new Womack Temple located at 28445 Cherry Street, lnkster, Ml with shouts of glee and joy. However, the building "was not complete but it was good enough to hold services. Praise God from whom all blessing flow!

On August 9, 1953, under the leadership of Rev. C. L. Rountree, the 1Oth pastor of Womack Temple CME Church, the cornerstone of the church was laid and the membership grew. In 1954, a resolution was made at the General Conference to change CME from being the acronym "Colored Methodist Episcopal" to " Christian Methodist Episcopal" to erase any stigma or curiosity or doubt of racism. This was adopted and legally changed in '1954. Also, under the leadership of Rev. Rountree, in 1957 Womack lemple became "debt free!! To God be the Glory for the things he has Done!!

Rev. W.A. Miller, the 12th pastor of Womack Temple, along with the guidance of Mr. Percy Reaves, made it possible for Womack Temple to secure a loan from the National Bank in the amount of $10.000.00 to install cushioned seats for the pews! Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Thomas made it possible for the church to purchase a parsonage at 3118 Ash Street, lnkster, Ml. Mr. Ulysses Thomas decorated the church. ln September of 1967
under the leadership of Rev. P. C. Campbell who was the 14th pastor of Womack Temple, the Parsonage was redecorated, aluminum siding acquired and a new roof put on. Rev. Campbellwas also responsible for obtaining a new organ and many other church necessities.

Under the leadership of Rev, Terrell Jackson who was the 22nd pastor of Womack, the first church van was purchased and ]wo members of the congregation acepted the call into the ministry. Rev. Franchella Foreman and Rev. Thirl Hudson. Both are still serving exceptionally in their places of endeavor. Rev. Jackson was readily involved in the community and received numerous awards and citations for his outstanding community service. 23rd Rev. William A. Bell 2OO4 - 2005 the 24th Rev Zachary Easterly 2005 - 2008 also Rev. Robert L. Holt 2008 -

Womack Temple has been blessed with some very prestigious Associate Pastors. Rev. Randolph Britton moved to lnkster in 1941 and joined with the Womack family under Rev. Sea Rev. Britton was called into the ministry under Rev. F. L. Gibson. He was licensed to preach on December 12,1948, admitted on trail in 1949, ordained as deacon in 195'1, admitted into full connection in 1952 and ordained as Elderin 1953. Rev. Britton preached faithfully for 38 years. Rev. Alexander Harvey 2012 - 2014, Rev. Teresa Parker 2014 - present. Rev. Myrtle Morgan was one of the first two women in the Michigan lndiana Annual Conference to receive Elders Orders. She was assigned to Womack Temple as an Assistant Pastor at the 1977 - 't 978 Annual Conference. Rev. Morgan severed with Rev. Norman Ott and Rev. James Jenkins. She served with dignity and honor until her illness and death.

Rev. Tyson Kelley is our current and 26th pastor of the Womack Temple Church. He brings youthful excitement into our midst. His energy and willingness to go out into the community to serve is refreshing. Under his leadership, Womack has blessed many senior citizens by taking calls every Tuesday and Thursday through the Score Program. Thls program helps seniors with property upkeep and everyday chore needs. Rev Kelley's vision of a "Community Center" in lnkster to help the young and old is on the horizon. ln the near future, we will be able to march to the "Community Center" with shouts of glee and joy for the "Day of Dedication." "Oh What a Day of Rejoicing That Will Be. We'll Sing and shout the Victory!"